Welcome at MAITI’S FOOD 4U we recognize that term & condition is important!!

MAITI’S FOOD 4U term & condition is important!!Delivery Orders are Subject to: Food catering services in pan India only.
For Bill Request. My bill
Once bill generate can not modified or cancel see return & refund policy


Packed Food

Packed food on request of customize menu order shipment on same day when shipment ready can track status 


Live Counter

Live counter held on site, on demand and number of guest.


Food Catering & Service

Film industries & Marriage & Other Party organization Only


Billing & Accounting

As of bill generate due date mention, can see and print for your future refence.


Delivery Orders are Subject to:

Food catering services in pan India only.
For billed. my bill


Coupons & Offers:

  • Only Maiti’s Food 4u authorised e-coupons shall be applicable for online order.
  • The complete code has to be punched in the coupon section for availing the coupon
  • The coupon code is not case sensitive
  • The coupon may not work if the conditions defined in the coupon details are not fulfilled in the order
  • Maiti’s Food 4u holds the right to accept or reject any coupon without giving any reason whatsoever
  • The coupons are valid for specified period only and will not be accepted after the expiry of the validity period
  • Coupons cannot be clubbed with any other offer / scheme
  • In case of online or on call order, cut and hand over hard-copy of the coupon to the delivery person while taking the delivery
  • Only one coupon is valid per order
  • Offer valid only in participating restaurants/Digital order
  • Offer is not valid on MRP items such as Beverages.



Healthy food service is very strong point to increase buying confidence on product

  • The menu is displayed as per the availability of the menu items in the centralize kitchen designated for your location.
  • In cases where certain menu items are not listed on the menu page, the particular restaurant may not be carrying those items
  • In case of non-availability of ordered product after order placement at the designated restaurant, the order will not be executed, and you would be informed of the same.
  • All product images are for illustration purposes only. Actual products may vary. Company products are for immediate consumption.


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